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These pictures were taken in front of the house as we were leaving to drive to Memphis for Melissa's graduation in May 2005. Notice the grass is nice and green. It's been a little drier than normal lately, so it's not this green now.

You can click on any of the pictures on this page and see a larger version.

Before After

This is the living room with the former owner's furniture and colors. This picture was taken by our realtor before we made the offer on the house.

This is the living room after we repainted it. Yes, we do have similar couches, but that's about where the similarities end. We painted the entire room (including the kitchen) in the light tan color. We then did an antique leather techinque on the side walls in the living room.
This is a picture of the kitchen and breakfast area from the living room. It's all one big room, which has its pros and cons.
This is after we did our magic. We added a pot rack in the kitchen, put trim around the washer/dryer closet, and of course painted.
This is the washer/dryer closet located in the kitchen area. I wasn't crazy about having them in the same room with the TV, but our washer and dryer are very quiet, so it's not a problem.
This is after we painted and put the trim around the closet. The trim makes it look a little neater and also closes the gap above the folding doors. Notice the hallway to the right, which leads to the front door.
This is the hallway from the kitchen/living room leading to the front door and the stairs going to the second floor. The door closest to you is a closet, and the next door leads into the garage.
This is the hall after we painted the dining room and hung our pictures. The dinig room is to the left of the front door in this picture.
This is the dining room, as seen upon entering the front door. It is to your right past the stairs (you can see the hand rail in the left bottom of the picture). The apples had to go, but the floor was one of the selling features of the house.
Melissa decided on yellow paint for the top, with a sponge technique on the bottom. My contribution was the chair rail. In the very left of the picture, you can see a doorway. This is actually a short walk way to the kitchen. On one side of the walk way is a pantry and the other side is a half-bath.
This is the half-bath between the kitchen and the dining room.
As you can tell, we didn't do much to this room at all.
This room was the son's bedroom. We still have nightmares about this room, as the red was hard to paint over (lots of primer was used first).
It is now our guest bedroom. Melissa chose a suede technique for this room and it turned out very nice.
This was the 2 year old's room. Don't worry, this isn't a sight you'll see in our home any time soon. This is a small room, as it is only 10x10, but it was a good size for a 2 year old.
It has now been converted to Melissa's office. Notice the two different tones of purple paint on the walls. No special techniques in this room, other than the two tone paint job.
This was the older daughter's room. She was 8 or so. The movers who helped us move in commented on what a lovely office I would have.
This is what my office looks like now. A little better than the pinks and blues of the past owner. I still haven't decided what to hang on the walls yet.
This is the upstairs guest bathroom. It was obviously the kid's bathroom. Melissa's Aunt volunteered to remove the border (as she had already removed all the rest of the wallpaper in the house). Thanks Aunt Ann!
This is what the room looks like now. No special technique was used for the paint. It's just a one color, egg shell room. Finally, something normal!
This is the master bedroom. The walls in this room were painted with a flat yellow paint. Flat and yellow just weren't the best choices for a bedroom.
Melissa chose an egg shell finish in a taupe to paint the room. You can get a good idea just how big the bedroom is if you keep in mind the bed is queen sized.
Another angle in the room.
We need to figure out something to put in the open space near the window. I suggest a chair of some sort, but we haven't decided yet.
This shot shows the ledge above my closet and the door leading into the hall. The little ledge just outside in the hall is the top of the stairs.
This is after Melissa's paint job. Also notice the replacement of the ceiling fan. The one they had was controlled by one switch on the wall, and the chains weren't extended. Melissa didn't like the fan, so we replaced it with a remote controlled fan. It's very nice. (We also replaced the fan in the living room with the same model as the bedroom, so we could also have a light in the living room. Most rooms don't having ceiling lights, especially the bedrooms.)
Yet another angle. This one shows the entrance to the master bath.
Another shot of Melissa's paint skills in the master bedroom.
This shot shows a spot where most people with this floor plan would have a garden tub. The owners (who purchased the house new) decided not to have a garden tub, so that left the open area for them to put a make-up table.
We filled the spot with a shelving system for towels, etc. with room on the other side for a large clothes hamper.
It is a double sink vanity, which is nice.
We rotated the lights off axis and that more evenly distributed the light in the room. We also added an etagere over the toilet for added storage.
The long shot of the bathroom, looking directly in the good sized walk-in closet.
Melissa really likes her walk-in closet. It's really spacious and she can get ready to go to work without having to be in the bedroom and worry about waking me up. I like that!
This is our new little table. :)
This is our big table -- complete with geranium.
This is our serving bar.
Keith at his Weber grill cooking ribs.
Melissa lounging on the deck in her Beatles shirt -- the one her Mom loves!

Keith Cooley, Melissa Cooley, Melissa Smith, Melissa Ann Smith, Melissa Ann Cooley, Keith and Melissa Cooley, Memphis, wedding, medicine, UT Memphis, pediatrics, med-peds, Indianapolis, Johnson City, SAP, Novell, Macintosh